Negative Tax

The first ever Negative Tax token on Base Chain


What is NETA?

Neta is the first ever negative tax token on the Base Chain.

This unique contract incentivises investors to not only purchase but also hold their tokens bought. NETA's ecosystem also includes a cross chain aggregator swap which ultimately simplifies the process of bridging and swapping tokens on Base chain.

A unique contract which provides ETH rewards for holders alongside a revenue generating utility which directly contributes to buyback and burns of $NETA, makes this a one of a kind project on Base.


How does it work?

NETA's unique contract has the following mechanics:

When an investor buys $NETA tokens they pay a 5% buy tax, but on the exact same transaction 10.5% of their total buy gets refunded to them in tokens. When the investor proceeds to sell they will proceed to pay a 5% tax. The roundtrip tax amounts to 0.225% profit if the price remains the same thus making this the first ever negative tax token.

Tax breakdown

  • 3% of buy and sell tax will be used for ETH rewards which are automatically distributed to holders every hour.
  • 2% of buy and sell tax will be used for expenses



The Cross Chain Aggregator Swap

You Need for Base

  • With the smartest cross-chain routing, expect the cheapest rates for any conversions
  • Experience the perfect blend of swift transaction execution and highest form of security
  • Receive your tokens on any wallet of your choice


Total Supply




Phase 1: Establishment

  • Smart contract creation + Testing.
  • Develop the cross-chain aggregator swap platform
  • Form partnerships with leading liquidity providers and DEXs
  • Begin NETA Public Presale

Phase 2: Expansion

  • NETA public listing on DEX.
  • Officially launch the cross-chain aggregator swap platform to the public.
  • Initiate marketing campaigns to drive user adoption and platform awareness
  • Integrate with at least 10 major blockchain networks to support a wide range of assets

Phase 3: Integration and Growth

  • Continuously integrate new technologies and features to enhance the platform.
  • Expand the reach through targeted marketing and strategic partnerships.
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate with international blockchain projects and initiatives.

Phase 4: Sustainability and Innovation

  • Develop and integrate advanced features and services, such as cross-chain lending, staking, and yield farming, to provide additional value to users.
  • Focus on sustainable growth by continuously improving the platform’s scalability, security, and usability.


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